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Saturday, May 18, 2013

There Will Be No Change In Drone Attack Policy---USA

PENTAGON said the current drone attack policy was giving better results against terrorism so there is no need to change the policy for approval of the attacks. PENTAGON officials admitted before the Armed Services Committee of American Senate the war against Alqaeda and its various groups may continue next 20 years. American Parliamenr members are considering for the legislation to bring the secret drone attack policy of pentagon under the control of congress. Vice defence secretary Maechal Shaeban said before the committee that there was significant decrease in the strength of terrorists with drone attacks. Drone attacks in the tribal areas are done under the supervision of CIA. However Obama administration is considering to empower petagon for drone attacks in Pakistan. During the last five years under Obama there were 400 drone attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen. Tese attacks too the lives of 2200 people including 400 innocent citizens.

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