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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taliban Have Formed Force For Attacks On Election Day

It was revealed in the cabinet meeting that have planned to carry out massive attacks on election day for which force has been conriruted. The targets will be foreign observors, polling staff, journalists, important candidates and members of election commission. It was disclosed in the meeting that though there was peace in Punjab at present but defunct groups are ready to bring mass destruction on May 11. The secret agencies informed that the terrorists were being directed from foreign masters for the activities. In Karachi situation has worsened where Baluch fighter are also involve in attacks as well as defunct groups too are busy in subvesive activities. The main targets of the Taliban could be foreign observors, foreign journalists, candidates and members of election commision. They may not attack polling stations but will attack their targets outside. However, voters and polling staff all are in danger.

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