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Monday, May 27, 2013

MQM Has 10,000 Armed Men And 25,000 Weapons In Karachi--- Wikileaks

Najam Sethi , the present chief minister of Punjanb has disclosed many secrets of MQm in private channel program. He said Karachi police is only 33,000 while MQM has ten thousasd armed men and twenty five thousand weapons. In a a American report that was sent by American council Islamabad to USA in 2009. The army men of MQM act under sector commandars and are cmposed of sectors. That was revealed by Wikileaks. Though Najm Sethi is seculasr minded but he favored and cleared the allegations of Altaf Hussain on Jamaat e Islami. He alleged that Jamaat has military wing "Thindrr Storm" but Najam Sethi said MQM has more weapons and more armed men in Kararachi.

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