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Friday, May 31, 2013

Taliban Announced To Take Revenge Of Wali ur Rahman's Killing

Taliban termed government responsible for killing of Vice Amir of Taliban Tehreek and announced to revenge his murder, they refused to talk to government. Said Khan Sajna has been apponited vice Amir in Wlai's place. Fazal and Sami Ul Haq say that world has lost a good chance for peace in the region. Wali Ur Rahman the second important commandar of Taliban that has been killed in drone attack. Earlier, during January Mulla Nazir was killed in a sililar drone attack. Wali Ur Rahman belonged to a stronger branch Mal KHael of Mahsood tribe South Waziristan)., therefore many Mahsood people were with him. He was popular among Mahsood tribe. He was more active than Hakeem Ullah Mahsood. Forty-year Wali's latest statement was released on May 15, in which he declared democracy againmst the norms of Islam. After his desath tyhee is no member of his calibre. But why USA attacked atther time when government of Pakistan and Taliban were heading toward dialogue and to maintain peace in the region through ceases fire. It happens usually when government is ready to talk to Taliban USA attacks on WAziristan. While, it itself talks to Taliban in Qatar and other Arab countries. How would Imran tackle the drone issue in KPK and center government. It will be observed inb near fuiture because Taliban may start another bloody round of suicide attacksl However, some analysts say Taliban have lost strength, but it will be follishness to think so . Enemy should never be thought weaker. May Allah save Pakoistan and the innocent perople of my country. Thery have relief no where.

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