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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Taliban Are Not Damaging The Election Process As Much As Political Parties Are Doing

Though the polling continues in most of the cities and towns in Punjab but fighting, firing,and rigging incidents are taking place on several polling station. Taliban are sabotaging the election process but not as much as political parties, their workers and candidates themselves are involved in damaging the election process. Specially in Sind the polling material was receved late in the polling stations, on some places security arrangements are appropriate. Na-250 Karachi has the worst situation. MQM, Jamaat e Islami JUP and Sunni Itehad Council have decided to boucott the polling in Karachi anf Hyderabad. Though Election Commission has extenmded the polling time on the station where polling material or polling staff reched late in Karachi. Now voters can poll votes till 8 Pm . What the impression the forein observers will get of Pakistani voters and election process. Our political parties are conveying wrong message to the world. Why they do not make their working calm and make them to remain peaceful. The message of incapability of Pakistanis for democracy must not reach to the world It is tradition in Pakistan, the party that notices its defeat before or after polling accuses rigging of pollings. They never accept their defeat. Is Pakistani nation capable of running election process smoothly and peacefully?

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