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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gay-Marriages Allowed In France

French president has signed a controvertoal and new law that allows ghat marriage in France. Thus France has become the nineth in Europe and fourth country in the world where gay marriage is legal. On Friday the constitutional council rejected the objection raised by right wing that paved theway for the sign of French president Aulide on the bill. The first gay marriage can be held ten days after the law has been signed by the president. However, the minister for parliamentary minister told the French TV that the first celebrations would be held before July. Olide and his socialist party had made this law a part of his social reforms one year after coming into power. The senate and national assembly had approved the law of gay-marriage after a long discussion last month. The former prersident Nicolas Sarkozi of central right wing had raised objection to the law but constitutional council on Friday declared the decision that gay marriage law was neither contadictory to constitutional principle not was it against basic rights, freedom or national integrity.

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