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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Haroon Rashid's Bitter Truths--3

Well known columnist Haroon ut Rasheed further writes in his urdu column "Natamaam", How Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was declared Martyr? Quran Hakeem has fixed the definition of martydome as, " Man Yaqtalo Fi Sabillilah" (Those who have been killed in the path of Allah). He writes, the killed in the war of power can be called victims but Martyr? Bhutto was not an ideal ruler even. It is right that he constituted constitution, held Islamic conference, tried to strengthen weaker cpountry, it is right that he launched atomic program in worsdt situation, but how is he martyr? If someone has read the book " The last 298 days of Bhutto" written by Colonal Rafi, who was his great sympatheciser, he will be stunned to read that in the worst situation neither he prayed nor recited Quran Hakeem. He did not admit any of his mistakes. Ummul Momaneen Syeda Aysha Siddiqa one day asked Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Ahmade Mujtaba about a generous person of ignorant age that will he be forgiven by Allah the Almighty, Hazoor said No, Aesha he never said My Allah Forgive me. Bhutto was a Musdlim May Allah Forgive him but that was Bhuitto too who was one of the persons responsible for breaking Pakistan. He crushed newspapers. He ordered firing on March 23, 1977 on opponents in Liaqat Bagh and 13 innocent people were killed. His 50,000 opponents(political prisoners) were in jails during 1977. They were tortured and treated in a way that can not be written (not worth weriting), formed his personal army with the name of Federal Security Force that had made the lives of people hell for his opponents, this force had killed the father of Ahmad Raza Kasuri. The extreme thing was that those who opped him within his own party were thrown in Dulai Camp, and rejected allegation in the court. Bhutto declared Abdul Wali Khan and his supporters as traitors and were jailed. He discharged the elected government in Baluchistan and gor attacked by military. His opponent candidate Jan Muhammad Abbasi was kidnapped during 1973 elections so that he could be elected unopposed. All the four chief ministers also followed him. Haroon Ur Rasheed writes how much is truth and how much lie a nation can digest. How long a building established on lies can stand. How long we will be cheating ourselves. He quoted a vese of Allama Iqbal:- The freedom of expression is the invention of Iblees (devil). (Courtsy Natamaam}

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