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Saturday, May 18, 2013

PTI Will Hold Local Bodies Elections In KPK Within 90 Days

The leader of Teheerl e Insaaf Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said while addressingMultan bAr Council. He said that PTIhad emerged as a national party across the country after May 11 elections. He said that even MQM had to surrender due to people's power. The decision of holding local bodies is extremely beneficial in the best inbterest ofthe masses. The developmentsl funds that hsad to be used by the members in the union council asnd distrcit council level hasd been didtributed by the previous government as political bribery that were the right of the people to be helped in the education, health and other sectors and to solve the problems at local levels. The MNA's and MPA's asre not to construct drainage system, roads and schools that are the tasks of the members at local councils. Parliamentarians are elected to make legislations in the assemblies. The bachelor's degree is a must for the parliamentarians to be able to read the constitution and understand it. The decision of Musharraf was commendable and sensible. There must not be any illiterate member in the assembly. But every thing in Pakistan is specially the Pakistani politics is unique compared to that elsewhere in the world.

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