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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some Bitter Facts About Nawaz Sharif By Columnist Haroon Ur Rasheed-2

Haroon Ur Raheed writes in his column "Natamam", from 1988 onward the forward march of Sharif Family formed by the solid help of army and secret agencies continued. From 1993 to 19996 during the second reign of BaNazir Bhutto, Nazwaz rose as the opnly opposition leader. Now he attracted the attention of vote against Bhutto family. Therforte, neither he needed Ghulam Ishaq Khan, or general Hameed Gul nor Jamaat E Islami or Ijaz Ul Haq who could not match his father Zia ul Haq). This was the back ground when during hisd second tenure of government his three and half year non-popular government was toppled by general Parvez Musharraf. It is said that the founder of pakistan's atom bomb Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and several other well-informed people used to warn Nawaz Sharif about Musharraf. Though not all details are known but what is known to many is that his brother Shahbaz Sharif and step-brother Nisar Ali Khan used to vist Mangla cantonment in the darkness of the night. There Musharraf did secretly the same things that he did openly as a president. OIt is known that both the leaders neither like drink nor music then why did they go to the Jehlum River Bank covered with bouginvilla. What did they use to search there there? What they discussed with general Kiani after 12 years? Not known to anybodt till Sheikh Rasheed disclosed the facts. When Parvez Musharraf toppled his government no voice was raised in his favor, no body burst into tears so far so that his guardian editor of a newspaper wrote on frong page with his own pen" We did not know that Mian Sahib had turned into Yasir Araafat, insincere to his nation pro-India and pro-America". During the few weeks he passed in jail Nawaz Sharif got mentally upset, broken and defeated, completely. Then Arab Guardians and American friends, specially president Bill Clinton reached to his help. Meanwhile, Nawaz Sharif's mind changed to the extent that he totally rejected the ideology of his creator general Muhammad Zia ul Haq and decided to adopt Bhutto family to regain power. His problem was that he feared Banazir may not compromize with army dictator and his guardian the USA and may not cull him oput of poltics. He recognized the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as martyr and also recognised BaNazir Bhutto. IOt was not an ideological change but was his political need. Hasroon Rasheed writes that politics is a business for poitcians like Nawaz Sharif. Continued Courtsy Hasroon Ur Rasheed of Natamaam

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