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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chinese Hackers Got Access To Important American Defence Secrets

An American newspaper has reported that Chinese hackers got access to more than two dozen designs of American weapons. Washington post has reported referriong to a document of PENTAGON that hackers have stolen systems pertaining to jet fighters, marine ships and defence misiles. It was also said in th report of Defence Science Board that USA was not ready for full cyber attacks, however, a spokeperson of PENTAGON said that with this the technical speriority of the USA will not suffer. The report of Washington Post hascome into light at the time when Australia has said that the map/plane of its local secret building had also been stolen. According to the report the stolen American designs include the most modern Patriot Misile System PAC-3, Anti-Misile system Thaad, and Navy's Balistic Defence System. Moreover, the design maps of Black Hawk Helicopters, F/A-18 fighters, V-22 Ospray planes, and Navy's new Litoral fighters have also been stolen. The list of stolen designs also include that of F-35 plane that is the most expensive weapon of the world so far. Though report did not tell about the volume of the steeling but the analysts say that China could get the information that could be used in any possible future war againmst the USA. In a statement the spokeman George Little of American defence department said that PENTAGON fully trusts the plateforms of its weapons. He added that defence department take the cyber spying and attacks and cyber security very seriously, therefore they were increasing their funding. He said that it was a misconception that our technical capabilities or superiority had suffered due to cyber attacks.

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