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Monday, May 20, 2013

Two Pakistan Born British Girls Married In UK

Two Pakistan born British lesbian girls naming Reehana Kausar and Saubia Komal married with each other in Britain. According to the news when they first went to the council for registering their marriage, they were denied as the officials said they were Muslims so their marriage could not be registered. Reehana and Suabia adopted the stance that they were mature and under the British law they were free to marry with each other and live their own their own. Coucil advised them to come after a month. After a month both wearing white dresses of brides wenr again to the council office and got themselves registered as husband and wife and signed the register and were legally married. Reehana belongs to Lahore while Saubia is from Mirpur. Both are employed and Reehana has PhD degree from Punjab University Pakistan. Woh! Pakistani girls you are ahead of Pakistani Boys. If they can have temporary mariages youi can marry with each other .Why not you got every thing from west Their culture traditions and even their religion.

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