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Sunday, May 12, 2013

PML(N) Won Majority In Center As Well As In Punjab

Though Nawaz Sharif won the maximum seats in the national assembly (nearly 118 ) and 140 in Punjab assembly. Shahbaz Sharif is definetely in position to form government in Punjab but Nazaz will have to make coalition in the center. Imran Khan captured Peshawar, Nowshera and Swat and would make KPK government. However it is leading on 35 national assembly seasts. MQM maintained its position in karach while PPP in Sind. Jui and other nationalists have mixed trend in Baluchistan. The 2013 elections showed that no political leader can be called a national leader. All the major partiesare limited to their ancestral provinces except Imran Khan who rose to present political status but still limited to KPK. The government whoever makes will be unable to resolve the national issues of terrorism and that of Baluchistan. If Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan decide jointly to construct Kalabagh Dam then load-shedding problem can be solved. Important leaders of PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Javed Hashmi are winning. In Rawalpindi PML won 4, PTI 2 while Sheikh Rasheed defeated Shakil Awan. Ch Nisar lost one NA to PTI and also both of the provincial seats. People make the PPP central leader to meet with defeat. Raja Parvez Ashraf who drowned nation in darkness suink himself in darkness for ever. Kaira and Hanif Abbasi also lost seats. PML(Q) disappeared from the national politics. Nawaz Sharid is far better to PPP's corrupt leaders. He is patriotic , honest, religious minded and a gentleman. Shagbaz Sharif is untired worker and changed the fate of Lahoire. Naaz Sharif has many challenges to meet. It is easyto raise slogans for resolving the issues but when practically these come in front one is in the know how huge these are. May Allah give poer to whom it may concern to solve the problem of masses. Not to solve the p[roblems of wealthier, industrailists and feudal lords. Only concern of Industrialists is that of load shedding it is in the best inreret of the nation not the industrialists only.

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