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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Will Not Marry A Showbiz Man--- Saba Qamar

A good news for those candidates of Saba Qamar who are out of showbiz and film industry. Saba Qamar said that she would not marry a person in the showbiz or film industry as the showbiz couple always doubt each other and life gets miserable instead of giving mental contention and peace. She said that unique type of roles always keep the artist prominent. She said that showbiz was the only sector where one can progress with hard work. But she ignore the fact that this is the only industry where physical contacts and play important role to get ahead. Therefore, nearly 95 % of the actresses in the showbiz belong to s@x industry. She does not favor the Indian pictures in Pakistan but she said this is only due to the crisis in Pakistani film industry that Indian movies are released in Pakistan.

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