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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We Will Form Government In KPK Without PTI---JUI

The poweer hungry Maulana can not live with out chair. His spokepersomn formerchief minister of KPK Akram Durrani said we will form government without PTI in KPK. But how Durrani Sahib with 13 seats or with 5 to six independents?. Can PTI is unable to form government with 35 seats plus alliiance with Jamaat Islami. Becuse Jammaat is annoyed of you Maulana He has decided to make alliance with PTI. Independeyents will fly towards rising sun of power. Akram Durrani said only Fazal Rahman hasthe "Key" for solving the problems of theprovince. Why did not you solve the problems of the province Durrani sahib when you were chief minister. Why Fazal Rahman lost his seat to PPP in his own constituency after your chief ministership? Imran Khan who is more popular in KPK at present than maulana can also solve the problems of the province. KPK people have rejected JUI but Bilour and Arbab families lost their ancestral seats in the province. Insha Allah PTI will be rulingKPK . KPK people need leader like Imran Khan not JUi. Fro DI Khan to Swat people are standing with Imran Khan. THey can not be deceived by liers and fake leaders.

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