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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pakistani Actress Ayesha Umar Rejects Indian Offers

When actresses like Veena Malik, I do not call her Pakistani, (she is Indian and shame for Pakistan), are proud of being sex symbol in Indian films and being keeps of Indian Hindu actors and warming their beds to get minor bold roles in fils, ther asre actresses like Ayesha Umar who is proud of being Pakistani. While Veena feels proud to get tatooes against ISI on her arm, Ayesha rejects Indian offers. Model and actress Ayeshas Umar said she has received offers to work in Indian drama but she has denied and will not work in Indian dramas. She said " I will continue working in Pakistani dramas because my Pakistani fans have appreciated my work a lot" Ayesha added what I am topday is due to Pakistan and Pakistani people" A pakistani who loves Pakistan will hate Hindu mentality who always wants to damage Pakistan. Patriotic Pakistani will never step on Hindu's land who is involved in thousand of killings in Pakistan and Kashmir. The bomb blasts in every nook and corner is the subversive activities of American puppet Karzai and Indians from Afghanistan. In the era of Taliban our western border was safe but Karzai has made it bloody who does not recognise Duran Line.

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