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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Imran Khan!, May Allah Bless You With Complete Health But Be Careful Your Life Is At Stake

Imran Khan fell from the lifter suddenly by chance or some conspiracy was hatched against him, it is yet to be probed by the concerned agencies. Imran Khan is the only hope at present for the deptessed and down trodden people of the society. Where injustice, murder of merit and laws are common practice of routine. He has raised voice to culminate corruption, provide education and justice to Pakistanis. Whose dislike his these slogans. Every body knows. Imran 's life will be in danger all the time even when he comes into power. Corrupt people will never like to get getting afterr spending millions of rupees for coming to assemblies and getting nothing as reward and just making legislation and having nopower to threaten SHO's and Patwaris. Will the former electees will tolerate all this teatment. So Imran Khan though yiou are in danger but Allah's help will bw with you and the prays of the Pakitanis whose heart feelings you are expressing. Go ahead do not stop till the corrupt people are uprooted and meet their fate. May Allah help you with his blessings.

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