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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We Are Investigating Complaints Against Altaf Hussain---- London Police

London police has received thousands of complaints against Britain citizen and chief of MQM and these complaionts have also been pasted on social media. A Pakistan-born American has registered a compaint through telephone with London police and also shasred with his friends on Facebook. Though the complanant has not identified himself but London Police Complaint Cell has alloted him the Complaint No CHS131008. London police has assured him that they were probing into the case and as soon the investigastion is complete he will be informed accordingly. A strange thing in this telephonic complaint is that as soon as the complainant called London Police the female official on the other end ask him whether he wanted to get complaint registered against Altaf Hussain ans she also informed him that thee were thousands of complaints against MQM head with them. The call recording shared on Facebook the complainant wrote that Britain citizen Altaf Hussain threatened his family member in Karachi of severe consequences directly through his TV address. Therefore, his fasmily members were scared of these threats. London police has reserved a telephone no 00442072301212 for complaining against Altaf Hussain. Altaf Hussain is known for his controvertial statrments and then when people notice it and the newspapers and TV channels pich his statrements he denies his statements . As his recent comments about Karachi. (Courtsy Daily Ummat, Karachi)

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