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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Maulana Sami Ul Haq Is Being Contacted For Dialogue With Taliban

The to be prime minster of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and the expected chief minister of KPK Parvez Khattak have contacted head of JUI (S) Maulana Sami Ul Haq to play his role for talks with Taliban. Spokesperson of HUi said that when dialogue can be done with Taliban in Qatat and France why not it can be carried out in Pakistan. But, the blogger is astonished about realities and the fact that are hidden from the eyes of the important leaders of Pakistan. Those Taliban including Maulvi Umar and his group and those who ruled Afghanistan are the students of Maulana Sami Ul Haq. They qualified from Akora Khattak, the Madreassa (religious School) of Maulana Sami ul Haq in Nowshera District. They are not the enemies of Pakistan. They are not involved in terrorist attacks in Pakistan. They are also strictly against those so called Tehreek Pakistan groups who attack Pakistani cities. They had warned them to top attacks on Pakistani cities. Though in the reign of Parvez Musharraf brutal treatment was done to real Taliban after the invasion of Afghanistan on the orders of the USA. Though they did not like secular rulers of Pakistan and Parvez Musharraf but they have sympathecies with Pakistani people.They would never and had never been harmiong Pakistani people. They are against rulers who favor USA and privides them logistic support to crush Tasliban. Those were the real Taliban who saved our wertern border and our military was satisfied about the safety of that border. They had to take care of eastern border between our old enemy and Pakistan. While the puppet of USA. Karzai has given free hand to India to send terrorists to carry out subversive activities in pakistan and train them in the Indian consulates along the border. Once the Lashkar e Jhanghvio, Sipah e Sahaba and Sipah e Muhammad were sectarian groups of Shias and Sunnis who attacked each other and these groups killled dizens of Shias and Sunnis in Dera Ismail Khan. During those days if 2 Shias were killed in the morning in the evening three sunnis were murdered. During those days mobile phones and motor bike riding was banned that remainerd for at least two years. Now thanks Allah peace is prevailing in D I Khan. I mean to say India, USA and Israel hired most of these groups these groups are involved in harrassment in Pakistan. These arte not the real Taliban. Though, Maulana Sami Ul Haq rightly says that Taliban gives him status and respect of spiritual father , it is right but talks with Taliban of Mulla Umar would bring no fruits. However, Taliban can be convinced to hinder the way of these groups to stop attacks in Pakistan directed by foreign countries. Nawaz Sharif can do that with support and help of Maulana Sami.

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