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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Islamic Hotel In Egypt-- Where Drinking And Smoking Are Prohibited

On the coast of Red Sea in famous Egyptian tourists' city 'Alghardaqa' an Islamic Hotel has been opened that has some exceptional qualities. Neither wine not cigarettes are available in the hotel nor Shisha. There are separate flours for men and women. It is a place where where there are so many hotels that attract foreign tourists with new incentives of all sorts that foreigners like to enjoy. But in a Muslim Majority place where bikini clad women's sight is common, an Islamic hotel in the area is a unique experience of its sort. On the roof where there is wsimming pool and resting places, men can not enter. As hotel is newly opened so there are not many tourists yert, but the families living in the hotel specially women are very happy and axcited to reside in the hotel while on pick noks or touring. When the hotel was inagurated the wine bottles were broken by the hotel employees to declare that it was banned in the hotel. Though Islamic party is ruling the country but thee is no obsdervable change in the previous traditions. The manager of the hotel Yasir Kamal said tat he was dreaming of such a hotel for the last 20 years. It is a symbol of a new era in the country.

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