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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

News Brief

*--- After the joining of the independent national assembly members Pakistan Muslim League has been enabled to form government in the center.--- Independent members always out their weight inthe winning parties. So did the recently successful members. They will say it has been done ion the best interest of the nation or for the sake of "reconcialation" as Zardari or previous government has been doing. Ok they have spent a lot let them earn with interst. *--- In KPK chief minister will be from Tehreek e Insaaf while, Jamaat e Islami will gt three ministries. The conditions have been set for forming the KPK government Bot, where will Maulana go? Please PTI! he may be given something otherwise his "Martyrdome for democracy: will be on the already injured shoulders of of Imran Khan and get prays from Maulana for quick recovery. *--- Election commission has ordered to hold re-elections for three constituencis of national while two constituencies of KPK. *-- After the defeat of PPP in the general eletions, the senior leaders of the party have sarted submitting resigns. As Sherry Rahman , Manzoor Watoo andAatezaz Ahsan. *--- Indian scientists have prepared cheaper vaccines for the treatment of epidemic Diahrea virus. *--- American state department has hoped that cooperation in war against terrrorism will continue as in the past with Pakistan.-- Would it be in the form of drone attacks?

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