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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sharif Brothers Rejected Jamsheed Dassti's Conditions For Joining PML

Pakistan Muslim League (N) leasders Nazwaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif have refused to accept conditions of Jamshed Dasti to join their party. Jamshed Dasti haswon two seats in Muzaffar Garh as an independent candidate. He is campimg in Lahore for ongoing talks with PML leadership for joining the party. Earlier it was said that Dasti hasd joined PML unconditional but now sources have informed that he has presented many demands for joining PML But Sharif Brothers have refused to accept all ,of those. Other elected members of PML(N) from Muzaffar Garh have adivised Sharif Brothers to avoid Dasti and reject his demands, as PML will easily win the second seat when he will leave one and if his demands are accepted party will be in loss. Another independent member Ashiq Gopang elected from NA-100 has joined PML(N). However, talks between PML and Dasti are still going on and Shasrif brothers are thinking about the former Jiala of PPP from Muzaffaregarh. This is Pakistan's politics, a person having fake degree and sentenced by court won two seats . , left his party and is running behind powe. What a beautiful democracy? Is Pakistani nation worth democracy?

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