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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

News And Views---5

*-- PPP and ANP admitted defeat. Gilani resigned from party office. He said he could not give positive results. Where are the claimants of PPP who boasted to win on heir performance? The performance of the "worst governance" performane of record "corruption" The defeat of PPP is the collective "efforts" of PPP as a whole. PPP has been damaged by Zardari. The task of destruction of PPP that could not be copmpleted by military rulers has been completed by Zardari. *-- The USA avoided to comment on the statement of Nawaz Sharif about dtone attacks. *-- Record of rigging at 25 seats has been collected--- Imran Khan *-- Provide the evidences of rigging the people responsible for the practice will not be forgiven---Chief Election Commissioner. *--- The name of Raja Parvez Ashraf has been included in ECL regarding rental power case. He has been summoned by NAB. *-- Ch Nisatr won two provincial assembly seats after recounting of votes. Woh when PML got majority in center. * Parvez Khattak has been nominated chief minister of Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw. Jamaat e Islami has decided to support PTI in KPK. Nice this is the most suitable alliance. A strong govrnment will result. *-- Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood As Governor Punjab and Sherry Rehman as Pakistan Ambassador to the USA have resigned. *-- Begum Naseem Wali has decided to return to politics.

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