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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

PML(N) With 186 Seats In NA Emerged As The Largest Party

Marvi Memon, Tahira Aurangzeb, Zaib Jafer, Sheerin Mazari, Iffat Liaqat, Nafeesa Shah, Aliza Haidar vand Hameda Waein have been elected members national assembly on women's reserved seats. After the allotment of women's reserved seats to different parties proportionally, PML(N) is on the top with 186 seats, PPP with 40 second, PTI third with 35 and MQM with 23 seats became the fourth major party in NA. The PML had 145 seats after joining the independent members so it got reserved seats of women (35) and minorities(6) seats on this proprtion. PPP succeeded on 32 seats in general election so it got 7 women's reserved seats and one minority seat, PTI had 28 in election so six seats of women and one of minority was alloted to it, MQM had 18 seats in election and got four women and one minority seat, JUI 10 plus three women and one minority seat, Jamat e Islami had three general seats and got one women seat, National party had two general and got one women seat, and Q league has two general and on one seat it will have toss against PPP. More over eight parties having one seat each along with eight independent members will also be present in the national assembly. On the minority's reserved seats the candidates nominated by PML (N) Dr Darshan from Ghotki Sindh, Bhawan Das from Sanghir, Stephen Yar Bhindara from Rawalpindi, Tariq Crotopher Qaisar from Sargodha and Khalil Francis from Quetta succeeded to reach NA. Lal Chand from Umasr Kot Sindh will be minority member in NA nominated by PTI.

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