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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

JUI Refused To Accept PTI's Mandate In KPK

Protests and sit-ins continue against the rigging of polls in different cities of the country. Mutahidda, Jamaat e Islami and PTI held sit in in Karachi, PTI also protested in Lahore and D-Chauk Islamabad while Fazal Rahman has given call to his workers to protest against PTI's mandate in KPK. Fazal said PTI's mandate is controvertial, they do not accept it in KPK. Maulana why you do not look at your mandate, how did you get seats in three constituencies SAif Ullah brothers are too strong in Lakki, they did a lot of developmental workd in the district while you seldom visit Lakki Marwat neither it is your constituency. Majority of women an youing guys cast vote in favour of Imran Khan where did they go if the enquiry is done by the supreme court you can not even win seat in Dera Ismail Khan. Why you consider yourself the owner of KPK.The people of KPK have rejected your party. They are fed up with your party, They want change. Want end to monoploy of JUI. PTI has clear mandate in KPK . Bilour has accepted defeat. You must demonstrate sportsmanship and give the wayto majority party to form government. Work jointly with PTI for the best interest of the nation and the province. Why do you think that no other party can come in KPK. That much craze for the power does not suit you being a religious scholar. You are proud of yourself and your party that is not liked by Allah. You are not the only one in KPK there are other politicians too. Do not destry ther peace of KPK that is already damaged by bomb blasts and attacks. Join PTI to make the province a peaceful place to live.

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