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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Political Situation In NA-25 (Tank) KPK Where Maulana Is The Contestant Too

The political situation in NA-25 (Tank) is not different from NA-24. Dawar Khan Kundi (PTI)is considered as a strongest candiadate in this constituency. During the elections in 2003 as an independent candidate he got a quite handsoe number of votes and he claimed that he defeated Ata ur Rahman , the brother of Fazal Rahman but he could not proove it in the court. In Tank due to Imran Khan there is a larger vote of PTI. Another important political figure Habib Ullah Kundi id also supporting Dawar Khan. Habib Kundi won the provincial assembly seat several times from this constituency. Dawar Khan has one set back that Faisal Karim Kundi the former deputy speaker NA is also candidate from NA 24. The Kumdi family votes may get distributed thast will benefit Maulana. Maulana will get support from Javed Akbar Khan and Israr Khan Gandapur in this constituency.

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