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Monday, May 13, 2013

Omar Gala Expelled From Saudi Arabia For Being Too "Handsome"

An Emiratii man Omar Borkan Al Gala was kicked out from Saudi Arabia for its feared religious police for being too good looking has become as famous figure worldwide after his expulsion hit headlines in global newspapers. It triggered a feminine deluge on his socoal website. Umar Borkan, previously a hardly known actor and poet from Dubai, has not not confirmed outright he was deported but hinted thast he was among the three Emirati men who were reportedly forced out of an asnnual cultural festival in the Gulf Kingdom last week and then deported by the influential religious police-- The Commsission for Prmotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. Newspapers in the Kingdom said the three were told to leave because the Commssion members who were heavily deployed at Genadariya festival in Riyadh feared women could fall for them on the grounds they were too handsome. A few days after their expusion was reported regionally, the news hit headlines in world newspapers while at least 80,000 women are believed to have poured admiration words on Gala's page on Facebook and Twitter. Comments sent by women to newspapers worldwide showed Gala is really handsome, with one ASmerican woman asking Saudis to "deport him to Texas". "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm--- deport him to Housten, Texas please!!!" said the woman who did not identify herself. " He is kinda hot though, he is more than welcome to Chicago, I guarantee he will not be turned away" another woman commented. A woman said, "Ooooo! he has bedroom eyes, but considering his beliefs I will pass. He would prabably want his significant other to wear a Burka". Gala expulsion came just after a man from the Commssion stormed the UAE pavillion after the arrival of the UAE singer Aryam. But she was thrown out by the members of Saudi National Guards, who were organising the event. Aryam later confirmed she went to UAE stand but added she was there as a delegate of the UAE and had no intention to sing.

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