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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Increassing Trend Of Muta Nikah( Temporary Marriage) In UK

Nikah Muta or temporary marriage used to be done in early ages of Islam and in the historical background when army personnels or businessmen travelled to the long distances and remained away from home and wives for several months or years. To have legal wives they tied muita for a fixed period. However, it has been practiced in Shia Muslims not in Sunnis. But why the trend of Muta Nikah is increasing in Muslims residing in UK? Sara, 20-years old from Birmangham, is a Pakistan born shia muslim, who tird muta nikah said with this me and my man found the way to know each other without violating Shria laws. We wantedto go shopping together, want to dine and to know each other very well, we could not do all this with out Muta. Sara had muta with her husband for six months before traditional marriage. She said it was basically an agreement. Conditions are decided, and Muta can be tried to a virgin girl with the permission of her fasther. She sdaid we decided the duration and agreed on the conditions set by ny father and I demanded Haq e Mahr ( the money or ornaments or gigts decided at the time of Nikah), all it was so simple that does not take much time. Sara is among those young girls and boys who with the use of Muta are balancing the religious beliefs and western life style. There are no exact data about the informal muta marriages in Uk but several Shia Scholars and Shia MNuslim Student organizations told BBC that the number of this type of marriages is increasing. There is controversy amonf Muslims regarding Muta. Shia Musl;ims say that religion allows Muta while neasr Sunni Muslims it is Haram(against Islamic Lawa). The president of Ehl e Bait Islamic Society Of Bradford University Umar Farooq says the trend of Muta is on the rise in the University. He said as soon as the students are coming to know about it, the number is no doubt, inceasiong. As students are educated so they find the solution of their peoblems in the light of their belifs. The spokesperson of Islamic Sharia Council Khaula Hassan said Islam does not allow Muta Nikah and according to her it is like prostitution. She said she couild not find any Sunni Islamic Scholasr in the history who have said MutaNikah was Halal( according to Islamic law and sharia ). The Muta can be agreed from a few hours to several year period. A famous Shia Scholar in Britain from Alkhoi Center Syed Alkhahael Malali said there was sectarian controversy on the Mua Nikah. He said that according to Caliph II of Islam Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA) Muta was allowed during the period of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad Mujtaba (PBUH) Umsar Farooq (RA) prohibited it and said those practicing Muta will be sentenced.

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