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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Non-Availability Of Toilets In House Is The Main Cause Of Rape Of Women In India

The police and social workers in the north eastern state Bihar of India say that due to unavailability of toilets in the houses is the root cause of women and girls who go to fields and open grounds in the early morning or at night, for the purpose. An organization related to health department in Bihar issued an eye-opening report that there were no toilets in the 85 % of the houses in rural Bihar. In a report it has been said that if there had been toilets in the houses the 400 women and girls who were raped during 2012 in ryral Bihar could be avoided. All these women and girls were raped in the fields, open grounds away from houses, in the gardens abondoned houses that were used as toilets by them early in the morning or late at the

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