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Friday, August 30, 2013

America Will Take Measures In Its Own Benefit--- Obama

After defeat in voting of the British government in the House of Commons, on the issue of attack on Syria, The USa has said that WEashington will take steps in its own benefit. In a statement issued from the White House, it is said that the countries that violate the international laws about the use of chemical weapons should be brought under accountability. The Usa blames Assad government to have used chemical weapons but Syrian goverment has deined the allegations. The USa has said that Britain is close ally of the USA and it will be consulted on the issue of Syria to deal with. Earlier, the UN Security Council's short meeting was held but there are quite larger differences between the stances of the five permanent members. In the meeting Russia and China were on one side while USA, France and Britain remained on opposite side.

Talks With Taliban Initiated-- Government Official

An high level government official has confirmed the initiation of talks between the government and the Taliban, and he added that the advantages of talks are coming in before the detailed talks, while Taliban have also confirmed the talks. He said that the impact of the American drone attack that had killed second in commond Maulvi Wali ur Rahman and had damaged the dailogue process has been neutralized to some extent and talks have been resumed. A prominent leader of the Taliban told BBC that the talks were carried on different issues including stoppage of secretarian attacks and to break linkages with Lashkare Jhanghwi and Alqaeda. Observers say that government hass convinced Taliban to stop attacks and after Quetta funeral blasts no big activity has been observed. Government is also on way to constitute a comprehensive anti-terrorism policy after which detailed talks will take place.

Veena Malik Trappeed Billionaire Businessman In Norway

Sheikh Umar Farukh Zahoor, a Norwegian billionaire businessman fell in love with Veena Malik. Sheikh Omar deals in gold mines and real state business. He resides in Norway ans seen withVeena in different funtions for the last few months. Veena Malik has been trying to enter into Bollywood which she could not but, trapping a billionaire can be called one of the great acheivements of her life. It can be forecast how long their friendship will last, will turn into permanent knot or Sheikh Umar will leave her after he quenches his thirst. Because he knows well showbiz women like Veena are not trustworthy. Veena has been praying for her boyfriend at the Musoleum of Nizam Ud Din Aulia in Ajmair Sharif.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Syrian Women In Refugees Camps Are Compelled To Offer Themselves For Money

Is not it shameful for the neighbouring Muslim countries particularly and for the UN and other donor agencies that they do not provide foods to the refugees in camps and the Syrian refugee women are compelled to sell themselves for money to feed their belliers. Their customers are not "Kafirs" {non-Musloms} but Saudis, Qatris and Jordanian who instead of helping them buy their bodies for "Zana" {sex}. USA is eager to occupy another Muslim country and those who are burying these homeless women may fear from the "Anger" "Ghazab" Qahar of Allah, the day May Not come that their women may be selling themselves {their live flesh} in the markets of America and Europe. The day is not far away. Only two or three Arab countries are left from the physical grip of America. This is the story of refugees camp in Jordan. How many camps may be their in other Muslim countries and this tragedies would have been repeated there. Because te refugees from Muslim countries take refuge in brother Muslim country for hope of relief and help but what is going on in these camps is awesome. The Syrian refugee women in the Jordianian camps are so scared that they can not go to toilets in the darkness, they wait till morning. Their girls are kidnapped. Jordanian boys come in the camps and harrass them. There is no security for them. What a merciful condions prevail in the camps. It is shameful on the part of the government of Syria and the oppposition, their mothers and sisters are sitting in prostitution dens.

Scientists Grow Human Brain Tissue From Stem Cells

Scientists say that they had used stem cells to grow human brain tissue for use in studying disorders and early development of this most complex of organs. They used the cells to grow what they dubbed" cerebral organoids"- pea-sized blobs of 3D brain tissue in a petri dish, with characteristics of early embroynic brain tissue. The test may reduce reliance of scientists on mouse brain, which is a poor model for research into human diseases and treatment, the team wrote in the journal Nature. "Development of human brain is very different from development, for example, of mouse brain" study coordinator Juergen of the Austrian Academy of Sciences told. The study sdhould help biologists study 'human specific' features of human brain development and diseases, he told. It was also hoped the method would allow researchers "test drugs directly in human a setting and thereby avoid animal experiments and get more informed results that are more easily transferrable to human patients, said Juergen. Stem cell reseasrchers have made progress to create 3D tissues of other human organs including heart and the liver, but brain has remained elusive.

Miley Cyrus And Kanye West Are Teaming Up To Make New Music Together

How is this for an old couple? Miley Cyrus and Kanye West are teaming up to make new music together and have already hit the studio to work on a few upcoming tracks. The two skipped all the post-MTV Video Music Awards festivities in New York city to lay down remix of West's "Black skinhead" The source notes that inaddition to Cyrus's black skinhead verse, the pair "messed around with other tracks", some of which may appear on 20-yeasr-old pop star's new record{ The Disney alum announced earlier this month that her fourth albun Bangerz will be released on Oct 04. Cyrus came hot on the heels of another headline-making musical hours earlier- between the "we can not stop" singer and the "Blurred Lines" chart-topper Robin Thicke. The two were the talk of the town after their raunchy performance at VMAs on Sunday Aug, 25. "Miley's team is really freaking about that performance" one insider told the Us of the spectacle, which featured the former Hannah Montana star twerking with joint teddy bears, grinding against Thicke and making obsecene gestures with foam finger. " They saw the rehearsals, but those were really played down compared to live performance". In related news, Quartz reports that Oxford Dictionaries Online has included "twerk" in its latest updates of words and phrases. The ODO defines it as " a dance to the popular music in a sexually provocative manner thrusting hip movements, and a low, squatting stance". In other words Cyrus' performance at VMAs. Twerk it.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Picture Of Cricketer Abdur Razzaq And Tamana Bhatia Has Created Thrill On Social Media

The picture together of Pakistani cricketer Abdur Razzaq and Indian actress Tamana Bhatia has created buzz on the social media. The picture that was shared on social media was shot at a big jewellary shop in Dubai, in which Razzaq is posing to the camera while Tamana is apparently shy. The was taken at the inaugural funtion of the shop. Some people are taking it another way as a "new bhabi" {brother's wife} for cricket lovers. It is noteworthy that Pakistani cricketer Abdur Razzaq is already married.

The USA Is Ready To Strike Syria The Way It Attacked Iraq And Afghanistan

The UK is to put resolution to the UN Security Council " authorizing all necessary measures to protect civilians" in Syria. Exactly the same excuse before attacking Muislim countries. Whether it is UN Security Council or UN itself, it obeys the will of the USA. Both UK and USA will be allowed to strike Syria and the civil war and political instability will prevail in the region for ever. Then USA will bring its puppert government in Syria, as it did in Egypt through military. The reso;ution by UN is being put forward at a meeting of Security Council's five permanent members today. UN inspectors have resumed their probe into an alleged nerve gas attack. UN Secretary General Ben Ki Moon said, the team of weapons experts would need four days to finish their investigation into last week's incedent. He added they will more time after this to analyze their findings. The UN secretary general also callede on the permanent members, China, Russia, France, USA and UK to act together. The BBC correspondent Yolande Knell said, " Now as the Western powers discuss the options for punitive military action in Syria, it looks increasingly likely that experts' work will be overlooked." The latest news comes in that China and Russia have bouycotted the meeting of UN Security Council.

The Film "Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi" 's Record Business

The film "Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi" earned a record business competring with Indian movies in the modern cinema houses, and opened the closed door of cinemas for Pakistani films. The film has earned Rs 10.5 million in four days and set a new record regarding Pakistani films. Though, the filom has been been released in several big cities yet. The sory of the film is based on a cricket club of Sialkot that makes game items. The film has also set a record of earning Rs 4.9 million in a day in Pakistan. While, mega star Indian film "once upon a time in Bambai again" could earn hardly Rs 4.6 million in a day in Pakistan. The people related to cinema trade have said that film made by new artists, director and others has set an example as compared to Indian films and attracted a large number of cinema goers.

POETRY==Hayat-e- Gumgashta {Lost Life} --5

*- Kia Yaad Tujhey Bhi Ataey Heinn {do You remember} *- Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha {There was a girl and a boy} *- Subh swarey Shehr Ko Larka Parhanay Jaya Karta Tha {The boy used to go to town early in the morning for study} *- Gaon Sey Bahir Door Sey Larki Allah Hafiz Kahti Thee {The girl used to say good bye out of the village from away} *- Chutti Karkay Sher Sey Larka Gaon Wapas Ata Tha {After the school time boy used to return to village} *- Ham Maktab Ahbaab Ko Choray Larki Sey Jaa Milta Tha { Leaving his school fellows the boy used to go to meet the girl} *- Aur Chahra Daekh Key Larki ka { And seeing the face of the girl} *- Larkay Ki Thakkan Ur Jati Thee { all the tiredness of the boy used to flew away} *- Batein Phir Sarey Gaon Ki Larki Usay Sunati Thee {Then girl used to narrate all the day's events of village before the boy} *- Larka Bhi Us Ko Din Ka Sara Haal Sunaya Karta Tha { the boy too narrated all the school events of the day to the girl} *- Larka Tub Us Ki Batoon Mein Kuch Aisa Gum Ho Jata Tha {The boy was then lost in her stories too deep} *- Kuch Hosh Usay Na Rahta Tha { The Boy then used to forget everything except the girl} *- Larki Phir Chaunk Key Uthti Thee { The girl then suddenly used to stand up} *- Ye Khial Usay Tarpata Tha { The thought used to shake her} *- Ka Lumbi Musafat Tay Karkay { That after returning from too long distance from town} *- Aur Sara Din Parhatay Parhatay {And studying all the day long} *- Larka Tu Thak Jata Hoga { The boy would have been tired} *- Araam Usay Ab Karna Hae { He has to take rest now} *- Ghar Ja Key Usay Phir Parhana Hae {He will have to study again at home} *- Uth Janay Ka Usay Woh Kahti Thee { She had to make the boy stand} *- Baray Piar Say Usay Manati Thee { She used to convince him in lovely ascent to go home} *- Aur Ghar Ki Rah Dikhati Thee {And used to direct him with love to go home straight} *- Kia Yaad Tujhey Bhi Ataey Hein *- Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha

Altaf's Demand For Military To Restore Law And Order In Karachi: What Are Civil Governments For?

MQM's head Altaf Hussain as is sitting idle in London, so a person if injured in road accident in Karachi, he is the first to announce condemination for the killing. Now he demanded that Karachi should be handed over to Pakistan Army to restore ans maintain law and order situation in Karachi. It is rightly said that "an idle man's mind is devil's workshop". If army is to get engaged to control Karachi situation, why not the whole country be handed over to military. Because civil governments failed to run the country, in all respects. What for the parliamentarians are elected? What high claims of maintaining law and order in the country and setting the country on right path were the slogans of their electioneering. Where did go their claims? Army is deployed on the polling stations to save the lives of voters, army is deployed to check the electricity meters {as in Nawaz Sharif's one the previous regimes, army helps the people in flood hit areas, army rescues the people from inundated villages in boats, army provides food and other essential items to the effectees by helicopters, army helps people in earth quake areas and supplies blankets, tents that are sold by the civil administrations in the markets, army fights against the terrorists in North and South Waziristan, army fights against the criminals in strrets and markets and "poor" Pakistani army fights against the enemies on the eastern and western borders. Our wesren borser is as unsaved as the eastern is as, Karzai is the second enemy of Pakistan after India. Pakistan army is fighting on all the civil fronts whether India has started war on the border, civil governments have no concern that Pak army is already performing its mandatory job efficiently. What the civil governments are doing? If they are incapable of running the governments and are unable to control load shedding, target killings, terrorism, Why do not they go home and hand over the country to army. Ae the parliamentarians elected for enjoying perks and privileges , for enjoying pic nics during foreign trips and wasting milions od dollars of precious foreign exchange of the poor country. ? Areare sitting to extend bowl to IMF and World Bank for gratis. What is democracy? Where is democracy? What the so called democracy has given to the people of Pakistan? Pakistani leaders do not know the meanings of democracy, ignorant people only know how get maximum benefits out of their five year tenure in power. Hell with this sort of democracy. May Allah save my beloved Pakistan from devilsm calamaties and troubles.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Several Lollywood Actresses Have Undergone Plastic Surgery To Maintain Their Beauty

As elsewhere in the world, Hollywood, Bollywood actresses undergo plastic surgery of face to cover wrinkles die to aging and maintain beauty, same new trend is common now in Lollywood actresses. Fiza Ali, Sara Loren and Saadia IOmam have undergone plastic surgery. You can decide your own how they look like as beautiful as before ? But this method of treatment is too costly and painful. HOwever, they can lengthen their showbiz life and earn the money manifolds they spend on plastic surgery. All teir price is for their looking beuatiful and younger. is not it?

Miley Cyrus Twerking At Barclay Centre

Miley Cyrus twerking, already one of the web's favourite pastimes, shocked and awed the world with last night's raunchy display at Barclay center. Aggresively gyrating at Robin Thicke like a horny wild child possessed, the singer was a talk of the talked-about event-for better or worse. Miley pulled double duty at the event, performing a stuffed bear-themed version of "We can not Stop" then joining Thicke for a rendition of his hit "Blurred Lines". Inly those lines wre not blurred they were crossed- again and again and again. Miley danced like a hyper-sexual human condom, one whose purpose in life is to slap butts, hump anything in sight and elicit arousal and/or laughter. This was one for the ages, even by her standards. You can not unsee this stuff.

Millioms Of Rupees Have Been Spent On Hired Cars During Foreign Visits Of Former Rulers

Foreign office has disclosed that 1500 cars like BMW, Mecedes, luxury vans, buses and other vehicles were hired for the outgoing president Zardari, former prime ministers Gilani and Raja Parvez Ashraf and ministers, government officers and the delegates accompanying the VVIPs during the visits of 53 countries in the last 5 year tenure of the former government. All the expenses were paid through government treasury. According to official documents president Zardari had 45 record visits of Dubai only, During these visits 290 luxury cars were hired for him including his memebers of delegation. Asif Ali Zardari stayed 200 days collectively during Dubai tours and every time cars were hired for him and for his delegation. Similarly, 763 Cedan and Mercedes cars were hired for the president, prime minister and their delegates during the visits of USA and New York. The delegates stayed 25 days during USa visits. Government officers and other authorities hired 65 cars collectively during the tours of Switzerland and stayed for 90 days in these visits. However, foreign ministry has refused to privide the details of the expenditure for the hired luxury cars during foreign trips, to the national assembly secretriate. No body knows that how expenses government treasury had to bear for hiring the most expensive and luxurous cars, because in Europe and the USA hired cars are too expensive. However, sources say the expenses would be in millions of dollars. According to the national assembly documents, president Zardari had the highest number of foreign trips and used the highest number of hired cars. During the 21 day-stay of Zardari and Gilani { twice each}, Raja Parvez Ashraf once, in Saudi Arabia in the name of Umra, hired 194 cars. President Zardari had 4 visits of Paris while Gilani visited Paris once, these 5 visits in all spreaded on 18 days for which 100 cars were hired. The former government's prime ministers, ministers, government officer and other delegates visited USA, Britain, France, Germany, China, Turkey, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kazkistan, Ethopia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Greece, Belgium, Sri Lanka and Veit Nam. All these useless tours that were for recreational, outing and picnic activities, digested millions of dollars of a poor countriy that extends bowl for begging to IMF and World Bank all the time.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Justine Timberlake Wins Big At MTV VMAs

Justin Tmberlake won big on Sunday at MTVs annual Video Music Awards, taking home the top prize for video of the year for "Mirror" and a special acheivement honour and also led a much-anticipated onstage reunion of boy band NSync. Hip hop artists Macklemore and Lyan Lewis, Taylor Wsift and Bruno Mars were among other top winners, with Macjlemore and Ryan Lewis taking home three awards, including best hip hop video. But even top VMA nominees were overshadowed in recent days by the rumoured N Sync reunion, their first performance in 2002, which took place in the midst of Timberlake's lengthy medley of hits ahead of his accepting the Michael Jackson's Vanguard Award. Lady Gaga opened the live broadcast with splashy rendition of her new single "applause" appearing in a series of outfits ranging from a riff on nin's habit, with pearls, to a seashell and string bikini.

Katy Perry's MTV VMA Dress

Katy Perry's making sure that her fans can really hear her roar, pop singer donned a loud leopard-print Emanuel Ungaro gown for MTV Video Music Awards Sunday Aug 25, and was not shy about flaunting herf figure on the red carpet in skin-tight dress. The long-slevved knee-length dress featured gold, feathured details on the top and thigh-high slit. The 28-year-old topped off her look with a tight high ponytail. Perry also gave fans a bit of surprise with a pop of color on her teeth-in the form of a set of grill. "I am just trying to bust a ltlle Angelina Jolie up in hurr," she joked to the MTV before the show refering to the risque cut. The singer who is set to close out the show with her performance of hit song "Roar", added that she is ecited to share her new album prism with her fans. "reflection is a great word for Prism" she said, " I let a lot of light into my life, I get to burst my colors out to everyone". As Us Weekly exclusively reported Perry is set to perform "Roar" beneath the Brooklyn Bridge for the show's big final number.

The Names Of Highest Military Awards Receipients Expelled From New Edition Of Nineth Class English Text Books

Punjab text book board has expelled the names of martyres Lance Naek Muhammad Mahfooz Shaheed and Sawar Muhammad Hussain, who received highest military awards "Nishan e Haider"; from the new edition of nineth class English text book. There is only mention of eight martyres in 1965, 1971 and Kargill wars. In the book in unit 2 on page 13 and 19, only only eight receipients of Nishan e Haider in all the three wars, the sacrifices of Martyres Captain Muhammad Muhammad Sarwar, Maj Tufail Muhammad, maj Aziz Bhatti, pilot officer Rashid Minhas, maj Muhammad Akram, maj Shabbir, cap kernal Sher Khan, and hawaldar Lalak Khan, has been mentioned. The courage and scarifices of martyres Mahfooz and Muhammad Hussain have been ignored. Action must be taken against the people responsible for the blunder or conspiracy against the martyres who are the precious assets of nation. They are our heroes. Their names must not be ignored.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Beijing Steps Up Controls On Weeb Users

China has arrested Chinese-American Billionaire blogger Charles Xue, who has attracted 12 million followers with his rteform-minded comments, for suspected involvement in prostitution, police said Sunday as Beijing steps up control on web users. Venture capitalist Xue, one of tyhe country's most popular bloggers was detained by Beijing police Friday evening. His arrest comes as authorities are stepping up controls on the country's freewheeling web users in recent weeks. Billionaiare Xue is an avid blogger who posted his last message on China's hugely popular Twitter-like Sina Weibo microblog site at 5:41 pm {9:41 GMT}, Friday hours before he was arrested. He has peviously backed a compaign to release transparent details on pollution in China and also high;ihjted the problem of child trafficking in China. His detention dominated weibo discussion, wityh his Chinese name Xue Manzi, the most serched phrase on Sunday. Beijing police said on their verified weibo account they had arrested a 60-year-old man surnamed Xue with a 22-year-old female. "the both of them candidly confessed abouit the fact of prostitution. They are currently under administrative detention." The statement said sadding that the arrest followed up a tip-off from local residents.

YouTube May Be Opened In Pakistan Next Week

It is likely to decide to lift ban on Youtube in the inter-ministerial meeting next week. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has arrangeed to close the website immediately, if any complaint of presence of blasphemous contents is received. Information Technology Ministry had given three-day time to PTA on August 21, to constitute a system to block any blasphemous website, after opening the Youtube. PTA in its reply said that there is a complaint link on the website of PTA, and an URL can be blocked immediately after the complaint is received and it is confirmed. IT ministry has blocked 7,000 URLs that had blasphemous movie. Now, no such wenbsite can be opened on computer. Earlier, such websites could be opened on Smartphones, but its solution has also been evolved, the spokesperson of PTA said..

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Khloe Kardashian TThreatend Divorce, Trouble For Lamar Odom

Kholoe Kardashian has allegedly told her husband Lamar Odom that she will file for divorce if more women come forward claiming to have had affair with him. The 'keeping up with the Kardashian 'star is furious that her husband of four years, 33 years has been accused of having affair with two different women and has told him she will file for a legal separation if more cheating rumours surface. A friend close to the 29-year-old reality star, who is reportedly worth dollar 18 million, told Life and Style magazine that Khloe is 'humiliated and p**ed off' about allegations Lamar cheated on her with Jennifer Richardson for a year until March 2013, and also had a six-week long affair with Polina Polonski at start of thesummer. The insider said that Khloe and Lamar, who has fortune of dollars 56 million from his 16-year bsketball career, signed a pre-nuptial agreement with a built-in cheating clause that wouldsee her dollar 500,000 for every year they were married if he is unfaithful to her. The source added ' with both mistresses coming out, she can not handle much more, if more women come out she will do it. Although, Khloe is a strong girl but the cheating runours have really worn her down."

First Picture Of Kim's Daughter Revealed

All sign point North, after two months of her early birth , North west, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's little girl made her debute on grandmother Kris Jenners's talk show Friday. Rapper Kanye West sat down with Jenner to cjst about his enduring romance with Kim and fatherhood-- sharing a snapshot of his little girl. The sought-after photo was posted on via syndicated talk show's twitter account. Speaking about being a dad the 'black skinnhead' rapper said, it takes time to understand the enormity of the transition. You have made a brand new person. After his mother Donda West's death, the Grammy winner admitted he was at an all- time low,"I would put my life at risk, I did not have something to live for. Now I have two very special people to live for, a whole family to live for, a whole world to live for." Kim is my joy. She brouht my new joy into the world, he added. During hour-long chat , West spoke about meeting Kim for the very first time, years ago, shooting a comedy video, I was so in awe of her, she was my dream girl, I was in love with her before I could ever talk to her.

The Stunning Co-Incidences Between The Lives And Deaths Of Two US Presidents

Sometimes such resemblences, co-incidences and chances occure in the lives of people that the mind of human beings can not solve the enigma. These events are untra-thinking of humans. Human minds have no acess to solve such puzzles. Here comes the proof of Existence Of An Eternal Power Who Created And Controls The Universe. And It Is Almighty The Allah. Let us have a look at the lives and death events of the first president of the United Sttes Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy. One is stunned to look at the resemblences of important events in their lives. -- Abraham Lincoln was elected member to the congress in Eighteen Forty Six -- John F Kennedy was elected the member of congress in Nineteen Forty Six -- Abraham Lincoln was elected the president of the USA in Eighteen Sixty -- John F Kennedy was elected the president of the USA in Nineteen Sixty -- Both were in favor of civil rights. -- One child of each president died in White House when they were presidents. -- Both were shot dead on Fridays. -- Both were killed by the bullet shot in head. -- The name of the secretary of Lincoln was Kennedy. -- The name of secretary of Kennedy was Lincoln. -- The murderers of both the presidents belonged to Southern States. -- The followers of both the presidents also belonged to Southern States and named Johnson. -- The president who followed Lincoln was Andrew Johnson and was born in Eighteen Eight -- The president who followed Kennedy was London B Johnson who was born in Ninerteen Eight -- The killer of Lincoln, John Walkeze Boothe was born in Eighteen Thirty Nine -- The killer of Kennedy, Lee Harwey Oswald was born in Nineteen Thirty Nine -- The names of both the killers consisted of fifteen alphabets. -- Lincoln was shot dead in a theater namely "Ford" -- Kennedy was riding in "Lincoln" car when he was shot dead and the card was manufactured by "Ford" company. -- Lincoln was shot in a theater and his killer fled to hide in a godown. -- Kennedy's killer fired bullet from a godown and fled to hide in a theater. -- Killers of both the presidents were killed on the spot without any trial in the court. Is not these stunning facts. Audience please think and conclude how would have been these events so resembling.?

Male Or Female? Bradley Has Put American Military In Trouble

After expressing the wish to cvhange sex, the provider of American secret documents to Wikileaks, Manning Bradley has putthe American miliray authorities in trouble. They are thinking whether to put him in the prison with male or female prisoners. The latest picture of Bradley who calls himself Chalsea, shows his wig and lip stick on his lips. The last year's policy of Bureua for Prisons allows the prisoners to change their sex identity, but its implementation is on civil prisoners only. According to analysts as it is an unique event of its kind so to become Chalsea, Bradley will have to pass through several legal processses.

London Police Contacted Prince Charles And Alfaid Regaeding Diana's Death Inquiry

Royal Military Police has received a letter in which it has been claimed that British Secret Agency SAS { Secret Agent Service} is involved in the murder of princess Diana. The letter has also referred to the secret diary of Diana in which Diana has some accusations. London police has contacted prince Charles and Egyptian businessman Muhammad Alfaed in the light of serious and sensational allegations of murder on SAS. Police has also contacted senior justice Lord justice Scot Baker who probed into the murder case. Royal Military police has handed over the details of the information to Scotland Yard, received from the former in-laws of a former service man. A report published a London tabloid "Sunday People" claimes that references about some people have been found that also backs the murder. Letter claims that ex-service man was a member of special force and lived with sargeant Deni, and illegal arms and gun was found in his custody. It is noteworthy that jury in its verdict on April,two thosand eight, about the investgation report of accidential death of "people's pronces" had said that Diana and her boyfriend Dodoi were killed illegally. Eight million pounds were spent on the murder investigation ofDiana. However, the possibility of murder in the police investigation report of December, two thousand six was rejected. According to the investigation report of Lord Stevens, Diana was neither killed by secret agency nor Duke of Edinbugh and that she was neither pregnant nor was engaged to Dodi. All the speculations in this regard were totally rejected. British Defence Ministry hass refused to comment on the issue, and the spokeperson of Alfaed has also said that they looking the new revelations with interest and that they have full confedence in London Meteropolitan Police.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Pakistani Pro-India Lobby Continues To Preach For India And Sling-Mud On Quad's Character

There are some people in Pakistan who love the writers and columnists who are busy in mud-slinging on the personality of great Quaid and founder of Pakistan and term the patition of India a great blunder. These people have still the 'thorn' of separation of Pakistan from united India, pinching in their hearts. They still love AbulKalam Azad more than Jinnah, who joined his voice with the voice of Congress, Nehru, Gandhi and Patel. They refer usually to the books written by the so called but Indian writers. These writers can not write for Pakistan while sitting in India, opposing Pakistan and writing against the partition, they want to make their masters happy. Among them is one Shah Jehan Puri who favored the views and ideas of Abul Kalam Azad. The people who opposed Pakistan grasped power in Pakistan. Thery asre powerful and influential and are effective power in politics of Pakistan. The generation of the the people like writer of "Facts Are Facts" do not like to be buried on the soil of Pakistan, have effective political powers. These pro-India lobby suggests to having stronger relations with secular India and to benefit from the multi-versioned culture of India, They suggest to read the books like" Azadi's daughter" the daughter of freedom on the occassion of independence day. The preaches that there is no harm if Muslim's daughter marries to Hindu and if one side of the house is mosque and other side the Hindu temple, it has no harm too. The Indian authoress of the book "Azadi's Daughter" is Seema Mustafa. She is a famous Indian journalist, columnist, analyst, and daughter of a former Indian colonel. She is also the member of political party "Janta Dal". She was awarded "Prem Bhatia Award" for reporting about Kargil war for her newspaper "Pioneer".definetely, the reporting would have been against Pakistan and Pak Army and in admiration of Indian 'heroes'. In student life she married a Hindu businessman and gave birth to two children Agneta singh and Gayeti Singh. She and her husband are divorced now. She has proved that she is really a secular lady, and secular mentality has nothing to do with religion. The book is based on her such memories that are deep rooted in secular India regarding partitioning of India. She has termerd Indian Muslims fundamentalists and advised that they would not be able to enjoy freedom if they do npot accept Indian secularism from their heart and mind. She said if we used to read books like 'Azadi's daughter' our destination would come near soon. Astonishingly, a former information minister has also advised Pakistani youth to read the book. But, this minister would have been himself secular minded and Indian Lover. As a political party of Pakistan is.

PML(N) Lost Three While PTI Lost Two NA Seats Won In General Elections

Pakistan Muslin League-Nawaz lost three seats from Dera Ghazi Khan, Rajanpur and Okara in by-elections that it grabbed in May 11 election,in Punjab. PTI's Ahmad Ali Dareshak was declared as successful with 22040 votes from PP-243 Dera Ghazi Khan which was vacated by PML-N stalwart Zulfiqar Ali Khosa. Howeever, his two sons Hassam Khosa from PML-N and Saif Khosa from PPP contedted the by-election in the constituency, giving benefit to PTI. Similarly, PP-247, Rajanpur deserted by Hamza Sharif was taken by Raza Khan Dreshak. PPP's Khurram Dastgir was declared victorius from PP-1903 Okara defeating Nurul Amir of PML. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf lost two important seats in NA-1 Peshawar and NA-72 Mianwali won and vacated by Imran Khan. Peshawar seat was won by Bilour while Mianwali seat was won by Obaidullah Shadi khel. Though Bilour won the seat but the six thousand lead of votes is not much as the Bilour family is very much inmfluencial in the area and this seat was vever lost by them. Gul Badsha yhough got defeated but it can not be said that the people of KPK are dissatisfied with PTI's government. However, PTI won National Assebly's seat in Swabi and Islamabad. It is astonishing that people also cast their votes in favor of PPP that destroyed the country and gave no relief to the people during their five year power tenure.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pakistani Origin Zain Malik Is Engaged To Perrie Edwards

Take a deep breath, Directioners, but Zain Jawad "Zyan" malik is now officially off the market. The 20-year -old One Direction boy-bander is engaged to girlfriend Perrie Edwards. Perrie,20-year, attended One Direction's movie "this is Us" premiere at London's Leiceste Square last night, and attention was quickly diverted to the lady wen a sparkly three-stone diamond band was spotted on her ring finger. Following intense speculation that Zayan popped the question to his girlfriend of two years, a source now claims that the smitten couple are now indeed set to tie the knot. The bridepto-be- is a member of "little Mix" a four-piece girl group formed on the UK's X Factor- similarly to hoe One direction came together on a show in 2010. While Perrie walked the red carpet with her Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirwall, the pretty songstress masde sure to sit with her ID beau during the screening of the film and they were later seen to making their way to after party together. Zayn,20, made a drastic statement of his love for Perrie last month when he tattooed her face onto his right arm, the move which the singer appreciated.

Cultural Activities Are Useful For Good Health

A new study conducted under the household survey in SDcottland revealed that dancing, reading and watching theater had posive impacts on the health of Scottish people. The study furthjer indicated that the people who take part in cultural activities are more likely to be healthy and satisfied in life, But the study results came out on the eve of sale of tickets for CommonWealth Games to be held in Glasgow next summer. The salient features of the results of the new study are as under:- *- The p[eople who went to some see some cultural show or attended cultural site during the last twelve months, are likely to be 60 % more healthy comparede to those who did not. *- The people who participated in some creative or cultural activity during the last 12 months had 38 % more chances for better health. *- The people who visit library or go to museum have 20 % more chances of better health than those who do not. *- Those people who attend some dancing party have 63 % higher chances, who go to theater 25 %, and those who study for recreation are 33 % more likely to have good health than who do not take part in any cultural or recreational activity.

Kim's Post-Baby Bod In Short Dress

Look who is out of hiding! Three days after being spotted at doctor's office, with boyfriend Kanye West and their two-month-old daughter West, Kim emerged again, this time in Oklahoma. The 32-year reality star was in the Midweat to attend Aug 17, funeral of West's grandfather. Despite the somberr occasion, the reality stasr looked stunning and svelte. in a short, fitted black dress under a long, crocheted black cardigan. She paired the ensemble with her trademark, shy-high stilettos, which she had to abondon temporatily while pregnant. The trip marked the milestone for Kim and West's baby-girl, as it was her first plane ride. After the service the new parents flew back to the West Coast to attend a dinner with instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom. Kardashian shared a snapshot later that night. Friday Aug 23, will bring two more milestones for the family. West's first in-depth interview since the birth of his daughter and the bifg reveal of Nort's fist picture. The hip hop star is set to appera on Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner's talk show to chat about everything from fatherhood to his relationship with both the press and the mother of his child.

POETRY== Hayat _e_ Gumgashta (Lost Life)-- 4

Kia Yaad Tujhey Bhi Atey Hein (Do You Remember) Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha (There was a girl and a boy) Tub Chup Chup Kay Woh Miltay Thay (They Used to meet secretly) Taqdees e Mohabbat Ki Qasmain woh Roz Hi Khaya Kartay Thay ( They Used To Swear Daily Of The Sanctity Of Their Love) Aur Saath Nibhanay Kay Paeman (And To Live Together For Ever) Woh Roz Hi Bandha Kartay Thay ( They Used To Promise With Each Other Daily) Ankhoon Mein Ankhein Dal Kay Woh (Looking Deeo Into The Eyes Of Each Other) Kai Khawab Suhanay Buntay Thay (they used to vow many sweet dreams) Kia Yaad Tujhay Bhi Ataey Hein Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha Dr Khizar Hayat Tahir (To Be Continued)