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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Worker Opposed To Black Magic Killed In Pune, India

Hindus who are much more superstitious and use black magic to put enemies in troubles or even kill them and the black magic is practiced by the Sadhu, weearing dhitis or or roaming half naked. Some of the the yogis and Sadhus are seen wandering every where on the streets of cities. They are usually criminal, deceive people and specially young girls and molest them. They treat the women for giving children, treating diseases and many more tactics to attract the weeaker and supestitious women. The 71-year-old Trendra DalPhalkar who had initiated a compaign all these suprstitions and black magic was attacked and killed in the town of Pune, India by two armed motocyclists. He was on his usual morning walk when he was attacked. He had initiated a compaign for the legislation in the parliament to ban practicing black magic in the country. He had founded a committee 20 years ago called " Committee for Eradication of Blind Faith". He was well iknown for working agaoinst the black magic blind fath. According to media reports he was at the time when the government of Maharashtar had announced to present the controvertial bill regarding ban on superstitions. His critics blamed him opposing religion in the country where spiritualism was respected, but he denied the allegastions. Nrendra used to say that in the law there is no mention of God or religion whereas, while Indian legislation give freedom of worship that no body can snatch. Pointing out to his compaign he used to say it is the war against treachery and exploitation. Nrendra and his committee were very well known for his open criticism against so called religious leaders and Sadhus ( like nuns or priests in Christian religion). Nrendra has also initiated a compaign against slaughtering animal on the occasions of performing traditional and religious rituals. Some the magicians kill smaller childs toperform the procedures of magics. Nrendra ws against all these cruesome traditions.

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