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Monday, August 12, 2013

Pakistan "Begs" Peace But India Replies With Killing Of Civiliana At Control Line

Indian forces have again fired unprovocatively on the CoL near Sialkot sector but blamed Pakistan. India will continue till Pakistan continues fixing dates for about dialogues and talks. India wants war on small scale to satisfy its public which India exploited itself by blaming Pakistabn for killing India troups. Indian media on the instruction of Indian secret agencies keeps on spreading baseless and false propaganda against Pakistan. But, the weaker Pakistani media could not reply effectively. Because there is a strong pro-indian lobby in Pakistan. India started negative propaganda against Pakistan since 1970 and separated East Pakistan from West Pakistan, then had been lying about Kargil, Siachin, Samjota express and attacks on parliament house that all blames and accusations about Pakistan had been proved to be baseless and bundles of lies. Pakistan's high commission was attacked, Dosti bus was stopped during last few days. Did Pakistanis ever attack Indian missions or Dosti Bus ( friendfship bus). This is India who attacks Pakistanis in India going for visit of holy shrines, or attacks Pakistani diplomates all the time. This was India who blamed Pakistani forces to kill Begladeshis during 70's, though afterwards world observers negated these false stories. This ws India who in the era of Zia ul Haq occupied Siachin and published false storiers in print media and telercasted baseless stories about Pak srmy. Afterward when Kargil incident took place this was India who spread poisnous publicity and propaganda against Pak army and spent millions of rupees to defame Pakistan. But it is regretting that Pakistani media including print and electronic media could not reply in ffective way that encouraged India and it continued its compaign against Pakistan. Its main target is Pakistan's ISI. It wants to degrade it worldwide. It is blaming ISI falsely that it wants to kill the greatest Pakistani enemy and the head of terrorist and religious group RSR (Rashtria Seuk Singh), Mohin Bhagoot. It is quite wrong and baseless blame. Setting "Samjhota Express" on fire, attacks in Mela village, Blasts in Mekka mosque and Ajmaeir Sharif all were alleged to be the activity of Pakistan and Pakistani secrtet agencies, But in April 2010, India itself admitted that the the responsible person of ablazing train was India Army Colonel Prohat. But neither Indian media was ashamed of negative and false stories nor Indian government admitted its sins. Similarly, India also blamed Pakistan of the murder of Hamaint Karkaray (Head of Indian ATS). But it was revealed that Hamaint was killed by Indian Secret Agencies, India did not apologize Pakistan for false llegartions. Now, it has been proved that Indian media continues negative propagandaagainst Pakistan with the copoperation of Indian secret agencies, Indian terrorits religious groups ( Washwa Hindu Preshed, Bajrang Dal, Bhartia Janta Party, Rashtaria Seuk Singh, and HJS). When Indian spy Sabjeet Singh was beaten severely in Lahore jail, it was the result of negative stories of Indian media thatIndian secrtet agencies killed Pakistani prisoner in Kashmir jail by prisoners. When American president was on three-day visit of India, more than two dizens sikhsere killed in 'Chatti Singh Pura' India again blamed Pakistan for this massacre. But it was discloseed afyerward that this was the activity of Indian secret agencies to defame Pakistan. The responsility of Parliament attack was also put in the account of Pakistan and Afzal Guru was hasnged illegally. But when a responsivble officer of India revealed that it was done by India itself then Indian media lost its senses. India never recognized Pakistan an independent sovereign state and it is seeking every chance to diminish it or make it its slave. India is the only Enemy of Pakistan from day one Pakistan got independence. But Pakistani leadrs are sufferibg from the LOVE OF INDIA. But the results have to be born by the public not the lrweaders who weill run to the USA or Britain. So Pakistani leaders are as enenies of Pakistani masses as Indians are.

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