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Friday, August 16, 2013

Did Security Forces Search About Sikandar's Claimed Brigade?

/ The armed person namely Sikandar who crerated turmoil and harrassment in the most sensitiver Red Zone of the capital for more than five hours had claimed that his men or memberr of his group were spread in the capital. Did security forces took his clam seriously? Did they carried out any search operation? There are many mentally retarded people in the country and an incident like this may happen again. People like Sikandar who never offered prayer or do not have Prophet's (PBUH) Sunnah ( beard) want to impose Islamic law in the country. Islam never taught violence. Islam is the rteligion of patience and tolerance. Islam conquesrs hearts not the terrototies. But for this one has to be example of teaching of Islam. Zammurud Khan showed courage no doubt but it was a blind courage. It is good that he remained unharmed. However, PPP party has got another event to publicize as the sacrifices of his party. Media too exagerated and highlighted his act. What are the MNA's and MPA's for to get sacrifices from masses? Are not they Pakistani to lay their lives for the nation. However, I congratulate Zammurrud Khan as an brave Pakistani ( not a member of PPP) who shwed courage though he could not fully grab the the culprit but he tried and andwith the result snippers got chhance to fire. shot him and injured him. One thing I do not agree with the media that it was a security lapse. Where is security? All the security is deployed on the safety of MNAs and PMAs and ministers.their house and for families. Another thing is can traffic police or capital police check thousadns of vehicles all the time? If they check in detail every car and vehicle, will people wait for hours? Do our people have patience? People demand to remove barriers and stoppage of cars. It ws not the police but other security and secret agencies who could monitor the movement of mad people like Sikandar. This is good that the culprit who has two wives and and is said to be addict to drugs wasarrested. Poice is not to blame to immediately fire on him. Who would have accepted the responsibilty. THis media would have been making propaganda against police in that situation. Secret agencies must be alert themseves not on the directions of interior ministry or speriors but for the sake of nation and the country. May Allah Bless my Sweet Pakistan. May Live Long my beloved Pakistan.

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