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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pakistani Master's Degrees Before 2003 Equivalent To Graduation--- HEC

Claiming for the promotion of higher education in the country, the Higher Education Commission has made all the Master degrees before 2003 equivalent to graduation that put the future of millions of pst graduates at risk. The plan prepared with the collaboration of Pakistan Qualification Framework (PQN) and National Business Education Accredation Council (NBEAC), all the MBA, M Com, MA , MSc, and MS degrees acheived prior to 2003 will be equivalent to graduation level. Now the Master's degree will only be considered after 18 year- education instead of 16 years. The same rule will be applied to M Phil and PhD degree holders prior to 2003. Now all these degree holders will have to complete two years more education to be at par with Master degree holderr after 2003. According to sources HEC was established in 2002, there was a instituition called University Grants Commission that had been working for the promotion of higher education and ranking of the universities. A ministerial level Sumit was held in Berlin , Germany during 2003, in which Pakistan participated and made contacts with European countries for the promotion of higher education and becoming the part of "New Process" new ranking for the degrees of MPhil and PhD was constituted. According to Pakistan qualification Framework of HEC since 2003, 15 to 16 years education has been fixed for getting the BE, BS, B Archtect, BSc Engineering and BSc Agriculture. LLB, B Com and DVM degrees. While for the acheiving the degrees of MS, MBA, M Com, MVs, ME, MSc, Ms engineering, MA Architect, 18 years education has been fixed. Similarly, for getting Doctrate degree 21 years education is must. Though all these degree could be acheived for two or three years less education prior to 2003. According to sources sat present thousands of graduates from the famous univesities of the country are present and working in different government institutions. These graduates have acheived master degrees degrees (MBAs) from Quad e Azam, LUMS, Punjab University, Islamic University and IBM. But now they will be only graduates and for having MBAs thay will have to get two years more education. HEC says that foreign universities do not consider Psst graduates from Pakistani university at par with their graduates so Pakistani students have to complete deficiencty courses to qualify admission to graduate classes. The graduated prior to 2003 say that many Vice Chancellors of different universities do not qualify for PhD degrees but this rule is not implemented to them However, thousands of post graduates prior to 2003 will suffer due to this rule who have been working in different government and semi government institutions. But as far as the HEC's new rule is concerned HEC is right to implement this rule for the promotion of higher ediucation and make The Pakistani post graduates at par to foreign graduate for getting admission in the American or British universities. The blogger has also bitter experience of the rule prior to 2003. I secured MSc honours degree in Agriculture in 1988 from NWFP agriculture unoiversity Peshawar but when I got admission in PHD class in the University of Nebraska (USA), UNL graduate school demanded the total credit hours I had completed for MSc (Hons) degree as I had completed the degree in annual system though it was two years course but NWFP Agriculture University Peshawar refused to convert the courses to credit hours and said they are unable to do so. Therefore I had to complete MSc degree prior to acheiving PhD degree from UNL. Though The Pakistani MSC (Hons) degree was with research work as well as submitting the thesis to the univrsity for the fulfillment of the requirement for the post graduate degree. So it is a justifiable rule of HEC and our post graduate degrees will be honored in the foreign universities.

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