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Monday, August 5, 2013

Security Forces Did Not Cooperate With Distrcict Administration During Attack On DIKhan Jail--- CM KPK

Chief Minister ofKPK Parvez Khattak has complained to the local military leadership for not cooperating with the distrct administration. He said inspite of repeated requests from admintration and constituting a joint security polan with military no one came to help and stop the attack by Taliban. He said it was due to their non cooperation new KPK government had to bear the consequences and shame, for the Taliban operation who with out any resistance and a singler fire from elite forces and army completed their mission in no time. Parvez Khattak is very upset on the treatment of security forves. Neither elite force, nor the police and army did fire a bullet to answer to the attack of Taliban though all were there in the premises of jail. His said order to blast the vehicles of Taliban parked in and out side the jail was not obeyed. He saiod it was preplanned to disgrace and defame the KPK government in the eyes of the media and the public. It was a planned drama. CM said one day before the attack the troups opf police , elite force and army were deplyed but no one fire a bullet to stop Taliban. He also compalined to the corp commander regarding non ooperation of army. He said the two gates were opened from inside while those were the most strong gates that could have not been blasted by Taliban. He with the firing of firstbullet brigdier was informed but one one came to rescue. Parvez Khattak is right. How Taliban entereted DI Khan city driving 16 explosive and arms loaded vehicles and 14 motor bikes after travelling more than 150 km from South Waziristan passing before dozens of army and police check posts along the road side from Wana to Tank and D I Khan. If they came one by one and brought vehicles separately rhen where did they load explosives? and weapons? It means they have stores ij D I kHan or in the suburban areras? Police stops even a motor cycle rider on the check posts why were not they stopped? What does it means. Even the companions of Taliban in the jail knew abiout the attack, they wree in contact with attackers thru mobile phones? Who sup[ploied them the phones? Taliban also killed three death sentenced prisoners who were shias and involved in target killings of sunnis.

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