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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The USA Is Ready To Strike Syria The Way It Attacked Iraq And Afghanistan

The UK is to put resolution to the UN Security Council " authorizing all necessary measures to protect civilians" in Syria. Exactly the same excuse before attacking Muislim countries. Whether it is UN Security Council or UN itself, it obeys the will of the USA. Both UK and USA will be allowed to strike Syria and the civil war and political instability will prevail in the region for ever. Then USA will bring its puppert government in Syria, as it did in Egypt through military. The reso;ution by UN is being put forward at a meeting of Security Council's five permanent members today. UN inspectors have resumed their probe into an alleged nerve gas attack. UN Secretary General Ben Ki Moon said, the team of weapons experts would need four days to finish their investigation into last week's incedent. He added they will more time after this to analyze their findings. The UN secretary general also callede on the permanent members, China, Russia, France, USA and UK to act together. The BBC correspondent Yolande Knell said, " Now as the Western powers discuss the options for punitive military action in Syria, it looks increasingly likely that experts' work will be overlooked." The latest news comes in that China and Russia have bouycotted the meeting of UN Security Council.

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