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Friday, August 23, 2013

Pakistani Pro-India Lobby Continues To Preach For India And Sling-Mud On Quad's Character

There are some people in Pakistan who love the writers and columnists who are busy in mud-slinging on the personality of great Quaid and founder of Pakistan and term the patition of India a great blunder. These people have still the 'thorn' of separation of Pakistan from united India, pinching in their hearts. They still love AbulKalam Azad more than Jinnah, who joined his voice with the voice of Congress, Nehru, Gandhi and Patel. They refer usually to the books written by the so called but Indian writers. These writers can not write for Pakistan while sitting in India, opposing Pakistan and writing against the partition, they want to make their masters happy. Among them is one Shah Jehan Puri who favored the views and ideas of Abul Kalam Azad. The people who opposed Pakistan grasped power in Pakistan. Thery asre powerful and influential and are effective power in politics of Pakistan. The generation of the the people like writer of "Facts Are Facts" do not like to be buried on the soil of Pakistan, have effective political powers. These pro-India lobby suggests to having stronger relations with secular India and to benefit from the multi-versioned culture of India, They suggest to read the books like" Azadi's daughter" the daughter of freedom on the occassion of independence day. The preaches that there is no harm if Muslim's daughter marries to Hindu and if one side of the house is mosque and other side the Hindu temple, it has no harm too. The Indian authoress of the book "Azadi's Daughter" is Seema Mustafa. She is a famous Indian journalist, columnist, analyst, and daughter of a former Indian colonel. She is also the member of political party "Janta Dal". She was awarded "Prem Bhatia Award" for reporting about Kargil war for her newspaper "Pioneer".definetely, the reporting would have been against Pakistan and Pak Army and in admiration of Indian 'heroes'. In student life she married a Hindu businessman and gave birth to two children Agneta singh and Gayeti Singh. She and her husband are divorced now. She has proved that she is really a secular lady, and secular mentality has nothing to do with religion. The book is based on her such memories that are deep rooted in secular India regarding partitioning of India. She has termerd Indian Muslims fundamentalists and advised that they would not be able to enjoy freedom if they do npot accept Indian secularism from their heart and mind. She said if we used to read books like 'Azadi's daughter' our destination would come near soon. Astonishingly, a former information minister has also advised Pakistani youth to read the book. But, this minister would have been himself secular minded and Indian Lover. As a political party of Pakistan is.

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