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Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Theory Of Conspiracy In Princess Diana's Death

A new theory of conspiracy in princess Diana's death in 1977 as royal family watchers buzzing again, but is thee any merit to it at all.? Fopurteen years after she would have seen her son's wed Kate Middleton and 16 years after she would have welcomed royal baby grandson, Diana's deasth still fascinates. The new conspiracy theory? tHat someone in the military was behind the tragedy. Officials seem to be already knocking the claim, however denying the British military was involveed in the death of Diana, her boyfriend and the driver. "This is not a re-investigation", London police tersely stressed in a statement. Richard Tomlinson, a former M16 agent who was dismissed from intelligence services and later served time in prison for breaching Official Secret Act 1989, claimed that M16 had been involved. He claimed that M16 had been moniteering Diana before her death and the driver on the night she died was an M16 agent. And he said that her deasth mirrored the plans he saw in 1992 for the assissination ofthen president of Serbia Slobodan. One of the main motives which have been advanced for the alleged murder includes suggestions that Diana was pregnant with the Dodi Fayed's child and the couple were about to get engaged. The alleged dislike of a non-Christian within the British Royal Family meant such a relastionship between the mother of the future king and a prominent Egyptian Muslim would not be tolerated.

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