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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Massacre In Pro-Morsi Camps In Cairo By Egyptian Army

As it was expected and it is still to be done in Egypt that will never see peace now, Egyptian security forces have stormed two protest camps occupied by supporters of deposed president Muhammad Morsi in Cairo, killing hundreds (Some reports say 600). Ekhwanonline, the website of the MNuslim Brotherhood that supports the protests says more than 800 were killed. Graphic accounts of the bloodshed emerged from the protester campls as reporters describe the wounded were being treated next to the dead in makeshift hospitals. The 17-year-old daughter leading Muslim Brotherhood figure Muhammad el-Baltagy was among the dead. Asmaa Beltagy was shot in the back and chest,her brother said. a cameraman working for the Sky News Mick Deanne has also been killed in the violence. There were reports and clashes between mori's supporters and security forces elsewhere in different cities and towns, including Suez province and norhern province of Elexandria and Beheira, and central province of Assuit and Menya. The interior ministry says a mopping-up operation in the streets surrounding Nahdia Square was underway. Pro-Morsi activists were chased into the nearby zoo and Cairo University. Security forces used heavy tear gas and canisters to disperse the protestrs. Meanwhile, government has congratulated the security forces on the operation to clear the camps ( and killing of nearly 1000 innocent people)

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