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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Did Pakistan Accept Indian Supermacy?

The weakness and silence shown on the aggression, allegations snd baseless blames of India all the time indicate that Pakistani rulers have mentally accepted the supermacy of India. Whether Pakistani rulers embrace Indian prime miniter or invite him to attemd oath taking ceremony or wish to visit Taj Mahal, Pakistani nation and masses take India as its first enemy. The attitude and love of rulers toward India may lead the masses, one day, to convert into Talibam mentality who hate both the USA and India. Why Pakistani leaders do not have the courage to reply India in the tune India is aggressiovely attacking Pakistan through media and practically on LoC. Making the lame execuse of killing of five Indian soldiers by Pakistani troops across the border and made so much hue and cry that Pakistan's weaker voice was dummed by Indian noise through its pwerful media. Both the house of Indian parliament also raised voice against Pakistan. All the time Pakistan's enemy BJP ablazed Pakistani flkags, attacked Pakistan's high commission. Pakistan is only saying "no'No'. Though India itself knows that everyrhing it is taking about is baseless and bundle of lies but its poerful voive is reaching to the world and Pakistan is silent and gives it the name of recocialation policy. India rejected Pakistani dialogue offer wity hate but Pakistan requesting repeatedly for talks. But it can not convince the UN or secretary general of UN of Indian aggression.

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