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Monday, August 12, 2013

French Teen Beauty Queen And Her Mother Missing

Police probing the disappearance of beauty queen and her mother say they suspect foul play after it emerged her father's lover also went missing, in a new twist that has gripped France. The disappearance of fathers Brazillian mistress in 2004 emerged as the key part of the investigation and made us " lean toward a criminal theory" a source close to the probe told AFP. Suspicions were first raised in July after 19-year old Allison Benetiz, who was due to take part in high profile beauy contest, and herr mother Marie Josee suddenly disappeared from their home in south western city of Perpignan. Earlier this month, just over three months after they went missing, the father and husband Francisco Benetiz - a member of France's famed Foreign Legion alite army unit - hanged himself in barracks after writinf a suicide note proclaiming his innocence. Then it emerged Benitez had been questioned over the disappearance in 2004 of hs Brazillian mistress Simone de Oliveira Alives in Nimes. She has not been seen since. Proscuters say the search is ongoing but, " as the days pass the chances of finding them (alive) are dwindling."

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