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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

POETRY - Hayat -e- Gumgashta (Lost Life) -2

Ek Larki thee ek larka tha (There was a girl and a boy) Kia Tujh ko bhi yad atay hein (Do you remember) Garma ki garam dopahroon mein (in the burning noons of summer) Peepal ki Ghaneri Chaoon talay (under the thick shade of peepal-a shady tree) Talaab kinaray baith kay woh ( sitting on the bank of pond) Us thanday thanday pani par ( On the cold water of pool) Kuch aks ubhara kartay thay ( they used to make reflections in the water) Phir batein kartay rahtay thay ( they kept on talking) Aur dhool atay pairoon ko woh ( the bare feet full of dust) Pani mein jhula kar dhotay thay ( washed their feet by moving in the pool water) Aur jhag uraya kartay thay ( and they created foams in the water with feet) Kia tujh ko bhi yad atay hein (Do you remeber) Ek larki thee ek larka tha ( There was a boy and a girl) (To be continued)

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