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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cultural Activities Are Useful For Good Health

A new study conducted under the household survey in SDcottland revealed that dancing, reading and watching theater had posive impacts on the health of Scottish people. The study furthjer indicated that the people who take part in cultural activities are more likely to be healthy and satisfied in life, But the study results came out on the eve of sale of tickets for CommonWealth Games to be held in Glasgow next summer. The salient features of the results of the new study are as under:- *- The p[eople who went to some see some cultural show or attended cultural site during the last twelve months, are likely to be 60 % more healthy comparede to those who did not. *- The people who participated in some creative or cultural activity during the last 12 months had 38 % more chances for better health. *- The people who visit library or go to museum have 20 % more chances of better health than those who do not. *- Those people who attend some dancing party have 63 % higher chances, who go to theater 25 %, and those who study for recreation are 33 % more likely to have good health than who do not take part in any cultural or recreational activity.

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