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Monday, August 19, 2013

Israel Is Quitely And Carefully Watching The Turmoil In The Neighboring Egypt

Israel is quitely and carefully watching the turmoil in te neighboring Egypt while maintaining close contacts with the Egyptian army amid concern that the escalating crisis could weaken their common battle against the Islamists in the Sinai Penninsula. As the week's death toll rises in Egypt, this alliance has put Israel in a delicate position. Wary of being seen as taking sides in the Egyptian military's standoff against Islamist supporters of ousted president, Israel also needs theEgyptian army to maintain quite along their shared border- and also to preserve their historic treaty. The 1979 peace treaty, the Israel's first treaty with any Arab Country, has been a cornerstone for regional security for three decades. It has allowed Israel to divert its resources to other volatile issues with Syria, Lebanon and Palestinian territories. For Egypt it opened the way for millions of dollars in US military aid. Although diplomatic relations have never been closed, the two militaries had good working relationship. These ties have only strengthened since longtime president Hosne Mubarak wa ousted in a popular uprising two and half years ago. With both armies battling Jaddi groups in Sinai Penninsula, near the Israeli border. Israseli security officials often say their relationship with Egyptian counterparts are stronger than ever. What does it shows. It is the conspiray of Israel with the cooperation and consent of the USA to topple the Islamist government that was not in favor of Israel. Any thing is likely against Israel would not be tolerastedby the USA. Same was true in ousting Muhammad Morsi.

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