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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Infertility Rate Rises Among Emiratis

The discovery of oil has brough massive changes to the UAE and other desert Gulf countries. One of these changes was decline in fertility rates. As a result the Emirati family has sharply shrunk over the past few decades as the local community continues to open up to other societies. The findings were revealed by (+)Dr Hosnia Gargash, owner of the Gargash Fertility Center in Dubai, after conducting a study on the phenomenon among Emiratis. Dr Gargash listed several likely reasons for such a problem, including social changes, health problems ( like high blood pressure and diabetes) long work hours, delayed marriages of women and in fact that Emirati women have become more interested aesthetic aspect in "having a beautiful body". Another factor is that Emirati women are now working mothers and more erducated. They have recognized the recommendations of World Health Organization that the best time gap between having a baby and another is two years. In comments published in the Dubai-based daily Al Bayan, Dr Gargash said she intends to carry out more detailed study involving this time both men and women, adding that she would take into account a recent British study which found that infertility could also be a result of excessive use of mobile phones. Dr Gargash said she did know " where the reports have come from or on what basis the UN has made its estimates that infertility rates among UAE nationals have fell from 5.2 per woman in 1890 to 1985 to 1.0 over the past five years- no studies have been conducted in this respect and this means these estimates are not accurate." Dr said she intended to conduct first in-depth study before the end of this year and the study will involve 4,000 local women.

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