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Saturday, August 24, 2013

London Police Contacted Prince Charles And Alfaid Regaeding Diana's Death Inquiry

Royal Military Police has received a letter in which it has been claimed that British Secret Agency SAS { Secret Agent Service} is involved in the murder of princess Diana. The letter has also referred to the secret diary of Diana in which Diana has some accusations. London police has contacted prince Charles and Egyptian businessman Muhammad Alfaed in the light of serious and sensational allegations of murder on SAS. Police has also contacted senior justice Lord justice Scot Baker who probed into the murder case. Royal Military police has handed over the details of the information to Scotland Yard, received from the former in-laws of a former service man. A report published a London tabloid "Sunday People" claimes that references about some people have been found that also backs the murder. Letter claims that ex-service man was a member of special force and lived with sargeant Deni, and illegal arms and gun was found in his custody. It is noteworthy that jury in its verdict on April,two thosand eight, about the investgation report of accidential death of "people's pronces" had said that Diana and her boyfriend Dodoi were killed illegally. Eight million pounds were spent on the murder investigation ofDiana. However, the possibility of murder in the police investigation report of December, two thousand six was rejected. According to the investigation report of Lord Stevens, Diana was neither killed by secret agency nor Duke of Edinbugh and that she was neither pregnant nor was engaged to Dodi. All the speculations in this regard were totally rejected. British Defence Ministry hass refused to comment on the issue, and the spokeperson of Alfaed has also said that they looking the new revelations with interest and that they have full confedence in London Meteropolitan Police.

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