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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shahid Afridi Angry On Mah Noor Baloch's Item Song In The Film

Shahid Afridi got angry onthe item song ' main hoon Shahid Afridi' in the film 'boom boom Afridi' performd by Mah Noor Balouch. He was talking in the show of a private TV, in which singer Ibrar ul Haq and Wahab Riaz were also present. The host of the program Fiza Ali and other participant when congratulatedAfridi on the film, he thanked them, however, he showed angerness on item song. He said this should not have been included in the film. If it was to be included then 'older' lady should have not performed on the item song. He repearedly called Mah Noor Balouch an 'old' in anger on which program host and other participants kept on laughing.

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