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Thursday, August 1, 2013

News And Views-7

*-- Government has raised the prices of petroleum products as well as those of electricity. All the promises at the time of election compsign are gone with the wind. Present government is ahad of PPP government in putting the masses in trouble and making their lives hell *--Customer will receive Rs 10,000 bill on the consumption of more than 500 units electricity. Electricity price per unit will rise to Rs 20 after the end of subsidy. Woh! loadshedding and huge electricity bills. People are being forced to commit suicide. And thery asre doing. *-- Chief election commissioner Fakhrud Din G Ibrahim has resigned from the opffice. Howeever, he did his job nicely. The politician who is defeated in the elction blames every body and every insitution from election commission to polling staff. This is Pakistani politicians old tradition, *-- Imran Khan has been issued notice from supreme court regasrding contempt of court to appear in the courty on August 02. Imran Khan said he will not apoligize from the court. Imran Khan sometimes becomes so emotional that he issues statements with out thinking on the impacts. Imran Khan! you must be a mature Politician now. You have PTI's government in one of the province . Please think overr and over before blaming anybody. *-- Imran Khan refused to meet American secretary of state John Kerry in the American Embassy. *-- Chaudhary Ghulam Sarwar has been apponited new governor of Punjab, He quitted the citizenship of Britain. *-- Central member of AlQaeda Aeman Al Zawahri said thery will get all the prisoners released from the jails including Aafia Siddiqui andthose jailed in Guanta mo Bay. *-- Jamaima Khan has said princess Diana wanted to marry Hasnaat secretley. She visited Pakistan twice and spent some some time with his family. She loved Hasnaat very much. She wanted to live in Pakistan and wanted one daughter from Hasnaat as her husband. *-- Department of Excise and Taxation has sent challans of Rs 151.5 million to Sharif brothers. However, they will pay the taxes within few days. *-- Rambhir's comedy film "Basharam's' first tyrailor is going to be releasded this month.

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