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Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Virgin Mary Should Have Aborted" --A Facebook Page

There is a controversial Facebook fan page that is spaswnimg frustration and anger among the faithfuls, entitled" Virgin Mary Should Have Aborted". Its contents are as opffensive as its title- especially to Christians, who have devotion to Christ's mother as one of the central figure of faith. As of this morning (08-07-2013) the page had 5,300 'likes' featuring and image of Jesus' mother smoking among other potentiall-inflammatory pictures ans comments. A description of tyhe page's 'about' page claims that it is intended to be " a playground for fundamentalists and free-thimkers to challenge each other" There is no doubt that the page run by a 24-year old named 'Z' and a 23-year-old named Lilith, is intended to spark controvery-- even anger. In fact, two notes that anyone who find themselves offended should consider themselves offended should consider themselves among their target 'demographic'. They have written somethimng very nonsense that A muslim like me can not write down here. They have condemned religions and specially Bible. They have also concealed their identity due to fear of being killed. They say about Bible as "a load of outdated traditional horse manure. "unlike God we can provide the proof of our existence" they write. A quick look at the page offers up a litany of anti-religious sentiment. The website contents are not worthy writing here. Muslims all over the world consider Sacred Maryam as those Chritians respect Blessed Jesus Mother. This website willarouse anger in the Muslim World and soon protests will start in the Musliom World. Chritians may not protest as sever as Muslims will do. These contents ans Facebook page has blasphemous contents.

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