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Friday, August 30, 2013

Talks With Taliban Initiated-- Government Official

An high level government official has confirmed the initiation of talks between the government and the Taliban, and he added that the advantages of talks are coming in before the detailed talks, while Taliban have also confirmed the talks. He said that the impact of the American drone attack that had killed second in commond Maulvi Wali ur Rahman and had damaged the dailogue process has been neutralized to some extent and talks have been resumed. A prominent leader of the Taliban told BBC that the talks were carried on different issues including stoppage of secretarian attacks and to break linkages with Lashkare Jhanghwi and Alqaeda. Observers say that government hass convinced Taliban to stop attacks and after Quetta funeral blasts no big activity has been observed. Government is also on way to constitute a comprehensive anti-terrorism policy after which detailed talks will take place.

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