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Friday, August 30, 2013

Veena Malik Trappeed Billionaire Businessman In Norway

Sheikh Umar Farukh Zahoor, a Norwegian billionaire businessman fell in love with Veena Malik. Sheikh Omar deals in gold mines and real state business. He resides in Norway ans seen withVeena in different funtions for the last few months. Veena Malik has been trying to enter into Bollywood which she could not but, trapping a billionaire can be called one of the great acheivements of her life. It can be forecast how long their friendship will last, will turn into permanent knot or Sheikh Umar will leave her after he quenches his thirst. Because he knows well showbiz women like Veena are not trustworthy. Veena has been praying for her boyfriend at the Musoleum of Nizam Ud Din Aulia in Ajmair Sharif.

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